About Us

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The Story Behind New Hat Baking

We offer tasty gluten free baking mixes that are easy to make. Your friends and family won’t even know they’re eating something that’s gluten free.

A Gluten Free Diet and Autism

When New Hat Baking owner, Amber Davis, learned in 2007 that her son had Asperger’s Syndrome, she began a journey in how to best help him. She was working in holistic healthcare at the time and heard that practitioners were having success with a gluten free diet and autism. She immediately eliminated gluten from the family’s diet. Soon after, her son’s behaviors and learning abilities improved significantly. This started her on a mission to find the best gluten free products available, especially when it came to baked goods.

Money, Time and Taste

Amber began her search for baking mixes when her entire family experienced the positive benefits of being gluten free. Store bought brands proved to be disappointing with little flavor, an unappealing texture and exorbitant costs. Then, she tried various gluten free recipes. Most were complicated and time consuming, requiring a lot of ingredients and too many steps in the baking process. After finally finding a flour blend that met her standards for taste and nutritional value, she began making the mixes in bulk for quick preparation.  By adding her own flair to it, she realized she was on to something great and the New Hat Baking mixes were born.

An Expert at the Helm

At New Hat Baking, located in Durango, Colorado, we live by the CANI philosophy. The origin of CANI is derived from the Japanese word “kaizen,” which translates to “constant and never ending improvement” – or “change for the better.” Our commitment to our customers is to stand by this philosophy and continue to grow and improve on all things New Hat Baking. We’re fortunate to have Kari Rose, the founder’s mother, business partner and expert baker for over 20 years, steering the CANI ship. 

“It brings us joy to offer you great tasting baking mixes that help you forget that you’re gluten free.” – Amber Davis, Founder