We’re elated to offer you the solution to healthy, nutritious, gluten free products that everyone enjoys eating. To preview our new bounty of gluten free goodness, go to our online store now.

It’s a Win-Win

Delicious & Nutritious

At New Hat Baking, we understand first-hand the challenges of a gluten free diet. Finding a product that not only pleases the palate and the entire family, but one that’s also easy to use and affordable can be tricky. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted our mixes with healthy ingredients that are delicious and nutritious for easy gluten free baking at a reasonable price.

Back to the Basics

For health conscious consumers, we create baking mixes with unmatched taste and texture by utilizing classic baking techniques. These days baking seems to be a lost art with consumers turning to store bought goods for convenience. We’re bringing back the traditional art of baking by creaming butter with sugar while still keeping it simple. It’s a whole lot of old-fashioned fun for the new gluten free family.  Take a peek at one of our recipes to see how it’s done.

What Sets Us Apart

There’s a reason our mixes produce baked goods with superb texture and flavor. It’s because we use sorghum – a genus of grasses, one of which is raised for grain and made in to flour. New Hat wants to be your gluten free online source when it comes to baking so learn more about the benefits of sorghum here. Also, check out our journey to easy gluten free baking and how it relates to children with autism.